Land Transportation office

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[item title="Y2016"] 


[item title="Y2015"]


  [item title="Y2014"]

  • Security Services from May 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015 for LTO Regional Office No. VII, Cebu City
  • Freight Forwarding Services for CY2015
  • Procurement of Bonded Aluminum Substrates & Reflective Sheeting Materials for the Production of 3,524 Pairs of Duplicate MV Private Plates
  • Procurement & Installation of Three (3) Air-Conditioning Units for Use at the Administrative Building
  • Procurement & Installation of Various Modular Partition & Equipment for Use at the Traffic Adjudication Service
  • Procurement of 19 Units service Vehicle for Monitoring on the Implementation of RA 8750 (Seatbelt act)
  • Procurement of Various Wrist Watch
  • Procurement of Aluminum Substrates Sheeting Materials & Reflective Sheeting Materials for the Use of June to December 2014 Duplicate MV Private Plates
  • Procurement of One Hundred Fifty (150) Sets of Alcohol Breath Analyzer and One Hundred Fifty (150) Sets of Drug Testing Kit Packs/ Sets for the Implementation of RA 10586 Otherwise Known as the "Anti-Drunk Drugged Driving Act of 2013
  •  Security Services for CY2014
  • Freight Forwarding Services Covering the Period from May to December 2014


  [item title="Y2013"]

  • Supply and Installation of Digital Conference System and 5.1 Sound System
  • Procurement of 4th Quarter Requirements of CY 2013 MV License Plate
  • 18 Units Desktop Computer with Printer

CCTV IP Camera System

Various Electronic Office Equipment

  • Digital Conference System and 5.1 Sound System at Bulwagang R.F. Edu
  • Enclosure of Glass Panel for Licensing Section
  • Replacement of Sound Proof Modular Partition at Bulwagang R.F. Edu


  [item title="Y2012"]

  • Repair of Shaper Machine at Plate Making Plant
  • Repair and Improvement of Palawan District Office
  • Repair and Improvement of Romblon District Office
  • Rehabilitation of Main Service Line - Power Supply
  • Procurement of CY 2013 and Three-Year (CY2013-2015) Validation Stickers and Plate Year Tags
  • LTO Procurement of Various Airconditioning Units and Office Equipments
  • Waterproofing of RSTC Building
  • Waterproofing of Left Wing Building
  • Replacement of Floor Tiles at the Bulwagang R.F. Edu Building