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DOTrThe DOTr logo, an eagle within a circular background part of which is a five-cogged wheel, represents three things: transportation, communications, and the ultimate goal of the Department. The eagle, our national bird, is large and striking, graceful in flight, and free the embodiment of what the country wants its transportation and communications to be, big enough in scale and scope to transport the largest possible number of people in comfort and ease to any point in the archipelago; the heights the eagle can reach represent the optimum position for communications the greater the height, the more areas and people it can serve.
The circular emblem symbolizes unity of purpose and an unbroken chain of service and dedication. It alludes to the wheel and movement, signifying progress. An eagle, symbolic of air and sky, and soaring high and fast over sea and land within a circular backdrop of blue (depth and stability), represents an undying commitment to provide viable, efficient, and dependable transportation and communications systems as effective instruments for a unified nation. A nation, unified, can soar to whatever heights it aims for.