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International Cooperation Division

The International Affairs Desk (IAD), as an ad-hoc office, was established pursuant to Department Order No. 2005-20 dated 30 June 2005 and was amended by Department Order No. 2007-18 last 29 March 2007. As provided therein, the IAD shall be the clearing house and repository of all documents relative to matters and activities involving DOTC participation in international organizations and shall act as a monitoring body on the implementation of international trade agreements. IAD was envisioned to pave the way in mainstreaming the international affairs work in the Department of Transportation and Communications.

However, with the demands of the international activities as well as the international commitments that the Philippines have entered into through bilateral, multilateral and regional agreements, the duties and responsibilities of the said Desk became broader. In order to address this concern, Department Order No. 2008-10 was issued last 22 February 2008 creating the International Cooperation Office (ICO) and was later converted into International Cooperation Desk (ICD) pursuant to Department Order No. 2011-08 issued last 06 January 2011.