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Design and Build Contract for the Design and Construction of PNR South Long Haul Project (Package 1: Banlic to Daraga)


Invitation to Bid              (Date Posted: 06/04/2021)

Bidding Documents       (Date Posted: 06/04/2021)

SLH Drawings               (Date Posted: 06/04/2021)

Notice of Single Calculated Responsive Bid  (Date Posted: 11/18/2021)

Notice of Award            (Date Posted: 12/03/2021)


BID BULLETIN NO.1           (Date Posted: 06/18/2021)

BID BULLETIN NO.2           (Date Posted: 06/19/2021)

BID BULETTIN NO.3           (Date Posted: 06/19/2021)

BID BULETTIN NO.4           (Date Posted: 07/01/2021)

BID BULETTIN NO.5           (Date Posted: 07/01/2021)

BID BULETTIN NO.6           (Date Posted: 07/02/2021)

BID BULETTIN NO.7           (Date Posted: 07/02/2021)



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