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As the country continues to fight against this COVID-19 pandemic which paralyzed most of our economic activities, we in government remain undaunted and focused, seeing to it that essential public services are available.
With these public health services becoming the focal point of government response, one of them was the need to complement the daily movement of our very ,"important and critical health frontliners. 
It is why at the onset of the Covid-19 response which included strict quarantine measures nationwide, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) immediately initiated the Free Ride for Health Workers Program, to provide point-to-point transport service to their respective daily destinations safely and on time. 
On 7 January 2021, this initiative has reached more than 2 MILLION in total ridership across the country.
And this milestone achievement was made possible because of the tremendous and valuable logistical support from the collaborative endeavor of various government agencies and private institutions. 
With this collective effort, we were able to ensure the daily mobility and connectivity of our hero medical frontliners, enabling them to carry out their mission of taking care of our health needs in these most challenging times. 
For this, we say THANK YOU. 
11 January 2021