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The goal has been very clear since day one of the Duterte administration - make the the life of the Filipino people more comfortable. And in public transportation, this means that the current connectivity and mobility *across regions* should be enhanced and improved significantly. 
It is also why Airport infrastructure is vital in this goal. And under the relentless leadership of Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade, the development and delivery of all the needed and wanted air transport infrastructure has been pushed and pursued ever since he assumed office. 
Secretary Tugade not only believes that the building of airports will enhance tourism and trade, but also, and more importantly, help create more and more jobs for the Filipinos, empowering him to become more productive, and becoming a mor evaluable asset than ever. 
With another day less in the term of office, Secretary Tugade and your Department of Transportation (DOTr), are about to make the country’s aviation and airports soar higher, as we present tomorrow, back-to-back fulfillment of promises of better infrastructure in the Visayas region, under the Duterte Administration’s massive “Build, Build, Build” Program. 
Get ready for the inaugural of the Calbayog Airport Development Project in Samar, and the reveal of the Mactan-Cebu International Airport’s taxiway, and the newly refurbished administration building of CAAP in Cebu. 
Another promise fulfilled, as we remain more committed than ever, to see through what we have started since day one. 
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04 May 2021