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According to Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Art Tugade, various transport infrastructure projects are being carried out by the DOTr in the Davao Region, may it be land, air or sea, to provide connectivity, mobility, and long-term comfort and convenience to the people.
“The Department of Transportation (DOTr) is at the forefront of building and developing transport infrastructure projects in Mindanao.
“In the Davao Region, the DOTr and  CAAP have already completed seven (7) airport projects in the Davao International Airport, which include the construction of covered walkway, concrete topping of roof deck, waterproofing of selected areas, provision of covered pathway and repair of facilities, and the upgrading of comfort rooms and pre-departure areas. Three (3) more are currently in progress, which include the rehabilitation and expansion of the airport’s passenger terminal building (PTB), and construction of parallel taxiway. 
“Considered as the busiest airport in the south, the Davao International Airport is the busiest airport in Mindanao, and is currently accommodating 3-4 million passengers every year.
“We have also completed two (2) airport development projects in Davao Oriental, which include the construction of Perimeter Fence, rehabilitation of PTB, and an ongoing site acquisition in Mati Airport. The rehabilitated Mati Airport serves travelers to and from the province.
“Apart from airport projects, the DOTr has been working on completing seaport projects to improve the maritime transport sector in the Davao region.
“The DOTr and PPA have completed 3 social tourism port projects at the Port of Kaputian and Sta. Cruz Port in Davao del Norte, which include port expansion, as well as 2 commercial port projects at the Port of Babak, Davao del Norte, that include the construction and reconstruction of port operations building and RORO ramp.
“4 commercial port projects were likewise completed at the Port of Malalag and Port of Davao in Davao del Sur, and 1 social tourism port project (port improvement) was completed at the Port of Lupon in Davao Oriental.
“Meanwhile, in the Road Transport Sector, the DOTr and LTFRB are pushing for the Davao High Priority Bus System (DHPBS)— a more efficient, modern and affordable mode of public transport for Davaoeños. This project is slated for full operations by 2023. 
“Another game-changing project in this region is the Mindanao Railway Project, which is now undergoing the process of Right of Way (ROW) acquisition and is awaiting shortlist of companies for the Design and Build Contract. 
“Once operational, the Mindanao Railway Project Tagum-Davao-Digos (MRP-TDD) segment will reduce travel time from Tagum, Davao del Norte to Digos, Davao del Sur from its usual 3.5 hours to just 1.3 hours. It can accommodate 122,000 passengers per day.
“These projects are testament to our recognition of the potential of Davao region as a growth corridor and will surely propel Mindanao as a real economic powerhouse.
“We are most determined to see this through, for the benefit of the Filipino people.”
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