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Transportation Secretary Art Tugade envisions Pangasinan to have potential for exponential growth, thus, he has committed to enhancing mobility and connectivity in the province.

“The Philippines will never be without our proud tourist treasures.
“From Luzon to the Visayan Islands and the farthest regions of Mindanao, our country is full of stunning islands, unspoiled beaches, majestic lakes, rich plains, and countless natural resources. The wonders never fail to impress locals and tourists.
“When we speak of the north of the country, the beautiful western province of Pangasinan comes to mind. This gateway to the North boasts of the Hundred Islands in Lingayen Gulf, and other hidden tourist attractions. Aside from this, its vast and rich plains, as well as nearby water networks provide opportunities for job generation and entrepreneurial undertaking. 
“Tunay nga ‘hong mayaman at maraming maipagmamalaki ang Lalawigan ng Pangasinan.
“Thus, for us in the Department of Transportation (DOTr), Pangasinan is certainly worth investing, for in enhancing its mobility and connectivity will further empower its people to thrive. 
“We continue to fulfill our commitment to Pangasinan to assist in creating more opportunities for inclusive growth.
“In the aviation sector, the DOTr is further developing an important gateway—the Lingayen Airport, located at the heart of the province. Amid the pandemic, the asphalt overlay of its track, which commenced in 2018, was completed in August 2020. 
“On the other hand, construction of barbed wire perimeter fence of the Alaminos Airport is already complete. 
“Similarly, the maritime sector has been receiving much-needed attention to further promote tourism and trade. The DOTr has completed two social tourism port projects in the province.
“This week, we will be visiting and inspecting the Pangasinan North River landing, a project which we have completed in May 2018. We also have the completed Capandanan River landing project, which combined with the North River project, are seen to enhance maritime connectivity in the region.
“Pangasinan is close to our heart as it has proven itself a staunch partner in promoting sustainable and environment-friendly transport, trough the PUV Modernization Program (PUVMP). 
“It is a major contributor to Region 1’s numbers, which has the third highest industry consolidation rate, close to 64%. The region currently has 62 approved transport cooperatives with around 3,821 members.
“Hence, with its great number of participants, in 2019, we chose to conduct the pilot launch of the "Tsuper Iskolar" program in Pangasinan. The program provides participating PUVMP drivers, operators and beneficiaries with free skills training in cooperation with TESDA.
“Of the 1,186 approved slots in Region 1, as of May 14, 2021, the "Tsuper Iskolar" program has 934 graduates, with 927 passing the performance standards in the workplace and 888 passing the certification or have reached the competency standards. At present, there are 247 enrolled beneficiaries.
“Indeed, Pangasinan is a province with a major potential for exponential growth.
Thus, now, more than ever, we are determined to fulfill our commitment and mission to support Pangasinan’s bid for progress through mobility and connectivity.”
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