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In yesterday’s 40th episode of #TheVirtualPresser of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO), Secretary Art Tugade presented the various transformational initiatives and infrastructure developments of the Department of Transportation (DOTr).
He underscored that amid the COVID-19 pandemic, notable projects under the Aviation and Airports, Maritime, Railways, and Road sectors have been relentlessly pursued— enabling the DOTr to address the myriad concerns in public transportation.
In Aviation, Sec. Art Tugade highlighted the recognition of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) as one of the top ten (10) MOST IMPROVED Airports in the world, and reiterating how the immediate resolution of the then-notorious “Laglag Bala” and “Bukas Bagahe” schemes helped in the significant turnaround of the airport’s reputation.
He then outlined the total of 212 airport projects which have been completed, while 102 more are being developed, paving the way for more convenient and comfortable air travel across the regions.
Further, DOTr has been untiring in its pursuit of improving connectivity and mobility in the provinces to help realize their strong potential for growth, through seaport development projects aimed at modernization, expansion and improvement of facilities.
Sec. Art Tugade also highlighted the 446 seaport projects completed since 2016 and the acquisition of major maritime assets for the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG).
In the Railways sector, there is much optimism and brighter future for a vast upgrade in our mass transportation system, with big ticket projects such as the PNR North South Commuter Railway, the Metro Manila Subway, the Mindanao Railway, the MRT-7, the LRT-1 Cavite Extension Project, the LRT-2 East Extension Project that is opening soon, and the massive MRT-3 Rehabilitation Project, among others. 
It is also noteworthy that the DOTr is finding ways to address concerns of road traffic congestion and improved commuting conditions through the innovative EDSA Busway, Promotion of Active Transport System, the soon-to-be-developed EDSA Greenway, the introduction of first-ever Landports like the PITX, Cashless Toll Transactions, and the long overdue PUV Modernization Program. 
In all of these pursuits and endeavors, Sec Art Tugade believes that they all have a cohesive objective - to transform our public transportation as the great equalizer, and fulfill the mandate of providing a more comfortable life for the Filipino people.