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As the country moves forward towards recovery amid the pandemic, the government is banking on the tourism industry to revive the economy. 
On Thursday, 08 July 2021, Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Art Tugade, together with Philippine Ports Authority General Manager (PPA) Jay Daniel Santiago, will lead the formal inauguration of the expanded Salomague Port in Ilocos Sur.
The completed development projects include the construction of the reinforced concrete (RC) Platform Back-Up Area and RC Pier Extension. 
Salomague Port is being groomed as one of the cruise ports in the country.
The completed development projects in Salomague Port are expected to promote local economic sufficiency as job opportunities, especially in the tourism sector, will be offered once the port becomes fully operational.
Located near the tourist areas and beaches of Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur as well as near the ports of Hong Kong and South China, cruise calls to the country are expected to increase significantly.
Before the pandemic, several regional cruise operators have already included the Ilocos region in their regular rotations. 
Meanwhile, at least 71 people were employed during the port’s construction phase from November 2019 to April 2021 when it was finished.
On the day of the inauguration, the DOTr team will also be inspecting other transport infrastructure projects in the vicinity, including the Vigan Airport. 
Currently, the gateway undergoes site acquisition, widening of Passenger Terminal Building, construction of Admin Building and Power House, renovation of the vehicular parking area, water tank, and Runway Strip Grade Correction.
Once the facelift of the Vigan Airport is complete, it can serve bigger aircraft which translates to more flights and passengers.