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And under the visionary leadership of Secretary Art Tugade , the DOTr has been relentless in developing and enhancing the country's road sector with the implementation of various initiatives, programs and projects to achieve improved connectivity and mobility across the country. 
Notable of these initiatives is the establishment of PROTECTED BIKE LANE NETWORKS to promote active transport. 
To date, the DOTr has established a total of 563.57 kilometers of bike lanes in major cities in the country, such as in Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, Metro Davao, and the new South and East Metro Manila bike lane network expansion project, inaugurated in April 2022.
The establishment of protected bike lanes is part of promoting safe, reliable, cost efficient, and environmentally sustainable transport system in the country amid the COVID-19 pandemic, inflation, and rising fuel prices.
These bike lanes are dedicated for every road user's welfare and help them get to their work and other destinations safe. The DOTr has ensured that these bike lanes have safety features, such as road signages, solar studs for visibility at night, pavement markings (white and green), physical separators, such as bollards and/or concrete delineators, and bike racks distributed along the network.
Within the remaining 9 days of the Duterte, more projects abd initiatives will be implemented to achieve unprecedented heights of connectivity and mobility to make the Filipino life more convenient and comfortable. 
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