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The development of the country’s transportation systems through infrastructure is expected to bring in at least 80,000 direct employment for Filipinos and will help contribute in the country’s economic resiliency and development, Transportation Secretary Jaime Bautista said.
Accompanying President Bongbong Marcos during his state visit in Singapore, Secretary Bautista said the Department of Transportation (DOTr) is prioritizing completing transportation projects in the rail, aviation and road sectors.
Secretary Bautista cited at least six ongoing “important projects,” which will be “completed between 2025 to 2029,” while the DOTr is also focusing on implementing three major projects in the aviation sector such as the Bulacan Airport (New Manila International Airport), Sangley Airport in Cavite and the modernization of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).
“The DOTr is prioritizing major projects in rail—right now, we have six (6) important projects that are ongoing construction and we hope that we will be able to complete these between 2025 to 2029,” Secretary Bautista said during President Marcos’ Philippine Economic Briefing (PEB) in Singapore yesterday, 07 September 2022.
“There are three (3) major airport projects that we will try to implement within the next six (6) years. This is the Bulacan Airport. We are also looking at the Sangley Airport, and the third is the modernization of the NAIA. This is a very important project as it will support the projects of the DOT and it will also allow us to give better experience to travellers—both foreigners and the Filipinos,” he added.
Also part of the DOTr’s plan to improve the country’s transportation system are the Cebu Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Davao Modernized BRT, Secretary Bautista explained.
At least 80,000 jobs will be generated for Filipinos with these projects, according to Secretary Bautista.
“All these projects will provide employment. For the rail sector, we are looking at 60K direct employment. For the other sectors, aviation and road, we are looking at atleast 10-20K direct employment,” he said.
The transportation chief likewise underscored that the ongoing transportation infrastructure projects will contribute to the country’s economic growth, improve efficiency of Filipinos with shortened travel times and reduced cost of cargoes.
“We expect that all these projects will really contribute to economic development, improve economic resilience, and contribute to growth in the economy,” Secretary Bautista explained.
 DOTr Press Release
08 September 2022