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South Commuter Railway Project for Package CP S-03B: Construction of Underground and At-Grade Railway and one combined Underground and At-Grade Station

Contract No. and Title: PB21-058-5, South Commuter Railway Project Package No.
CP S-03b; Civil Engineering, Tunnel and Building Works for approximately 6.1km
of Railway with 4.7km of Underground Railway and 1.4km of at-Grade Railway,
including FTI Station and Tunnelling Works to connect to MMSP Senate Station.

Invitation for Bids                  (Date Posted: 04/08/2021)

Bidding Documents               (Date Posted: 04/08/2021)

Advisory for Attendess of Opening of Bids                               (Date Posted: 06/08/2021)

Advisory for Attendees of Opening of Bids                                (Date Posted: 09/16/2021)

General Bid Bulletin

GBB No.1                 (Date Posted: 04/22/2021)

GBB No.2                 (Date Posted: 04/22/2021)

GBB No.3                 (Date Posted: 04/22/2021)

GBB No.4                 (Date Posted: 04/22/2021) 

GBB No. 5               (Date Posted: 05/11/2021) 

GBB No. 6               (Date Posted: 05/11/2021) 

GBB No. 7                (Date Posted: 05/12/2021)

GBB No.8                 (Date Posted: 05/27/2021)

GBB No.9                 (Date Posted: 06/04/2021)

GBB No.10               (Date Posted: 06/10/2021)

GBB No.11               (Date Posted: 06/11/2021)

GBB No.12               (Date Posted: 06/11/2021)

GBB No.13               (Date Posted: 06/11/2021)

GBB No.14               (Date Posted: 06/17/2021)

GBB No.15               (Date Posted: 06/23/2021)

GBB No.16               (Date Posted: 06/29/2021) 

GBB No.17               (Date Posted: 07/07/2021)

GBB No.18               (Date Posted: 07/12/2021)

GBB No.19               (Date Posted: 07/30/2021)

GBB No.20               (Date Posted: 08/05/2021)

GBB No.21               (Date Posted: 08/05/2021)

GBB No.22               (Date Posted: 08/16/2021)

GBB No.23               (Date Posted: 08/25/2021)

GBB No.24               (Date Posted: 08/25/2021)

GBB No.25               (Date Posted: 08/25/2021)

GBB No.26               (Date Posted: 08/25/2021)

GBB No.27                (Date Posted: 09/07/2021) 

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